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Monica Törnell lived the 1st years of her in Trönö , though she later settled with the relatives of her to Söderhamn. In this specific community, she begun to pay a visit to Folkets Park, when she saw artists including Lill Babs, Jerry Williams, along with several others. Earlier in the life of her, Törnell had the public debut of her just before audience of 700 folks in the 1962 Ericsson Christmas soiree in Söderhamn, just where her dad Jöns Törnell was an employee. accompanied by a compilation of shows in parks which are public at home. She was accomplished at drawing, and also within 1965, she became among 5 first prize winners in the design tournament "Ung Fantasi" , in what 1500 schoolchildren took part. From her first young adults she had fidget and sang both of the solo and in choir. In the late 1960s she was in the singing groups of people He, She and you also as well as TJI. These groups consisted just of bass and guitars along with sang in general received American folk music. On twenty February 1971, she earned a vocalist competition of society Ljusne, Söderhamn Municipality, when she sang the song Summertime.