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Michael John Avenatti is an American legal professional and convicted felon, famous for the representation of his of adult film actress Stormy Daniels in the lawsuits of her from President Donald Trump, and the conviction of his for going about trying to extort large numbers of cash from sports apparel provider Nike. The firm of his has represented different celebrity defendants and they have filed suits against Fortune hundred companies. He's turned up on broadcast tv plus in print as a legal commentator and also as a representative for pronounced consumers. He was also a high-speed vehicle driver, having participated in races of the Country and also Europe.

Avenatti was married for thirteen years to Christine Carlin Avenatti, with whom he's 2 teenage daughters. He married Lisa Storie found 2011. They've one son. For divorce in December 2017 was filed by Lisa Storie-Avenatti. In December 2018, according to be able to his wife, Avenatti, and court documents settled the divorce of theirs, with Avenatti agreeing to be able to shell out Lisa $1,947,540 in spousal support and kid, and also to transfer ownership of a number of property to her, which include 5 high end wristwatches, a Frank Gehry sculpture, additional artwork, and also a leased 2017 Ferrari 488 GT Spider, while the law firm of his would carry over to Lisa the fascination of its in a 2015 Honda personal jet.