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Dunia Elvir Foot:

Dunia has two brothers Orlando and Carlos Elvir. She's the older, Orlando is five years younger and Carlitos of her is eight years younger compared to her. Her mom procured under the care of her 2 of the cousins of her; Maricela and also Claudia who took over as the sisters Dunia always planned to have. Growing up in Barrio La Isla in La Ceiba, Dunia employed to play "bate" and also soccer in the road. Dunia was six years of age when her dad ordered her first stereo and microphone. Dunia enjoyed playing and also pretending to be an announcer. At fifteen years of age Dunia was transferred to Los Angeles, California to live a life with the maternal grandmother of her. She went to Jordan High School in Los Angeles as well as had the high school diploma of her as an ESL pupil. Later on she had the broadcast level of her in American Communication Institute in Hollywood in 1991. Such as numerous additional immigrants, Dunia encountered challenges which are many while attempting to score well in the profession of her. Dunia graduated with a tight information of English. This specific and also the absence of immigration written documents stopped her from continuing with the schooling of her. A year later on the 1st son of her, Jesus came into this world. Jesus is Autistic, this specific disability made her decided to go with home life with the purpose to keep up with him. Throughout 1997 Dunia's second child Lalo came into this world. Several years afterwards this initial marriage received a rocky plot along with the couple segregated in July 2001, when Dunia left the home with her 2 kids. On April twelve, 2003 Dunia married Carl Procida.