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Carole Landis Foot:

Carole Landis was an American singer and actress. She worked as a contract player for Twentieth Century Fox in the 1940s. The breakthrough role of her was as the female lead in the 1940 digital movie One Million B.C., with United Artists. Landis was recognized as "The Ping Girl" also "The Chest" due to her curvy figure.

Landis came into this world on January one, 1919, inside Fairchild, Wisconsin, probably the youngest of 5 kids of Clara , a Polish farmer's child, along with Norwegian American Alfred Ridste, a drifting railroad auto technician which abandoned the household following Landis' birth. In accordance with Landis' biographer E.J. Fleming, circumstantial evidence supports which Landis was probable the natural kid of her mother's next husband, Charles Fenner. Fenner that remains Landis' mom in April 1921 and remarried several weeks later.

Landis was married 4 times and also had zero kids . In January 1934, 15-year-old Landis married the first husband of her, 19-year-old Irving Wheeler. The mom of her had the marriage annulled in February 1934. Landis convinced her dad Alfred Ridste to enable her to remarry Wheeler. He eventually relented, and also the 2 were remarried on August twenty five, 1934. After 3 months of marriage, Wheeler and Landis got into an argument as well as Landis walked out. Neither filed for divorce and also Landis set about pursuing an acting job. In 1938, Wheeler reappeared and also filed a $250,000 alienation of affections lawsuit from director as well as choreographer Busby Berkeley. Although Wheeler and Landis ended up being estranged, he alleged that Berkeley had enticed and normally persuaded Landis to send the affections of her. Landis maintained she'd not observed Wheeler in many years as well as heard from him merely the prior year as he claimed to choose a divorce. Wheeler's lawsuit was later on dismissed, as well as Wheeler and Landis ended up being divorced in 1939. In June 1939, Berkeley proposed to Landis, but later broke it all. On July four, 1940, she married yacht specialist Willis Hunt, Jr. in Las Vegas. Hunt following 2 weeks of marriage was that remains by Landis. They had been divorced in November 1940.