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Lorak became acknowledged not presently in the former Soviet Union once she represented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 with the song "Shady Lady", coming in 2nd place behind Dima Bilan from Russia.

Ani Lorak enjoyed a particularly hard childhood. Born in Kitsman Western Ukraine, communicating Ukrainian as the native language of her, Karolina was lifted by an individual mom. At the age of six, she and the brothers of her happened to be positioned in a foster home. An example of the brothers of her afterwards died when battling in Afghanistan. Karolina Kuiek designed the drive to turn into a singer as soon as the age of 4. She frequently carried out for a variety of college vocal competitive events. In 1992, she required component in the widely used contest' Pervotsvit' as well as was the victorious one. It was at this point exactly where she met the ex producer Yuriy Falyosa of her. As a consequence, in the age of fourteen she signed the very first professional contract of her. Kuiek became recognized as Ani Lorak in March 1995 when she required part in a contest in the tv program "Morning Star" in Moscow, Russian federation. There had been a Russian singer with similar name currently enrolled in that opposition and so- Positive Many Meanings - - Positive Many Meanings- Kuiek had to invent a stage name. Ani Lorak is the title Karolina examined in reverse. Ani Lorak relocated to Kiev in 1995. By that time the name of her was widely recognized in Ukrainian express to business. She became all the more widely used after getting the "Big Apple Music 1996 Competition" in New York City. She was considered "Discovery of the Year" in the widely used Ukrainian festival "Tavria Games" found 1996. The exact same year she released the 1st album "I of her Should Fly".

On twenty one August 2009 Lorak married the longtime Turkish fiance of her and administrator Murat Nalçacıoğlu, with whom she welcomed in 2003 when on vacation in Turkey. Murat Nalçacıoğlu, is a Turkish hotel room boss and also travel agent. Lorak confirmed the pregnancy of her in the conclusion of November 2010. The sone of theirs, Sophia, came into this world on nine June 2011. She and her family led in a residence on the outskirts of Kiev, Ukraine but regularly travel to Turkey. The couple's marriage was formally annulled in January 2019.